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Blue Elephant Scarf

Blue Elephant Scarf - Bean Concept - Etsy
  • Blue Elephant Scarf - Bean Concept - Etsy
  • Blue Elephant Scarf - Bean Concept - Etsy
$ 11.85

Beige Elephant Infinity Scarf, Puppy Elephant, Infinity Scarf, Christmas Gifts, For Her, For Girls, For Mom, Womens Scarf, Fashion Scarf

This large scarf is very soft with unique and cute prints. Handmade scarf is sewn by local moms and you will fall in love with the fashion patterns. Wear it to jazz up your outfit. Lightweight. Looks amazing on. Great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Brand New and can be worn for a casual look. Soft and genuine. A great accessory for formal and casual wear. Luxurious rarity; incomparable softness, warmth and durability & lightweight. This scarf is good for all season (spring scarf, summer scarf, fall scarf, winter scarf).

Lenght: 75 -80 inches
Width: 28- 30 inches

What You Need To Know
Care: Hand wash with light detergent and lay flat to dry

In 2012, we started an Etsy shop selling handmade scarves with just a few moms from local community to sew scarves. They were once professional sewers but got laid off due to that the fact that retailers outsourced their work to other countries. The shop has grown to become one of the most successful shops offering a wide range of scarf selection in both regular and infinity styles. It also becomes the source of many local shops carrying unique and cute handmade scarves in many new patterns and prints. As we continue to grow, we aim to deliver the most fashion trends and expand our clothing collection to compliment our scarves.

Now we just launched our little website Bean Concept is our brand new shop that will not only carry all of our handmade scarves, it will also offer a full collection of accessories and clothing for all fashion fans, fun lovers and free spirits of the world! Thank you so much for everyone who supports our little handmade shop over the years!!

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